It's 5am...

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It's 5am...

...and I've been awake since 3:45. UGH. Woke up to pee and have been wide awake ever since. Around 4:45 my stomach started growling (of course) so now I'm downstairs eating a roast beef sandwich. Insomnia is NOT ALLOWED to start this early! It just isn't!! :confused:

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I have already started taking Tylenol PM..

I hope you can sleep better tonight.

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I had bad insomnia around week 14 and couldn't figure out why - it was so frustrating! It's gotten a lot better in the last few weeks. I hope yours does too!

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I've had it the past few weeks and I hate it!!! I just can't seem to get comfortable and then when I think I can go to sleep I start getting hungry. Then if I try to ignore it so I can get some sleep it gets worse. Ha ha then if I do manage to get some sleep, I have to get up around 3 AM every night to pee. Then I go back to sleep and usually around 5-6 AM DH's alarm clock is going off so he can get ready for work so I get up too ha ha. Then around 6:45 DD1 comes in to see if she can go ahead and get up. Sometimes DD2 gets up around then too either screaming, roaring (lol), or should "YEAH!!!" So I'm doomed. And that's if I don't have a sneeze attack that lasts a few hours (usually starts around 10 or 11 and can last until 1 AM! AH!

So I feel your pain. But part of it seems that my family doesn't want me to sleep lol. And if it's a weekend, DH will get up and then start kissing me thinking that if he wakes up I'm going to want to have sex! Lol. He's not deprived either, he just likes sex with me!

This makes me tired just reading about it...

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DD woke up at 3am wanting to be covered up and I was awake until around 5am when DH's alarm went off. I did finally drift off to sleep...until my alarm went off at 6am....needless to say, I'm tired today Sad

Sorry you were kept up for so long last night. Maybe you can get in a nap?

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No fun. Hope you get a little nap in today.