I've been here awhile but officially staying

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I've been here awhile but officially staying

I'm thinking I will be officially staying in April! Yahoo I started testing at 8DPO so I was worried about the possibility of a chem pregnancy but since my lines continue to get darker I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

I had my Merina taken out in early June and the doc told me that it would be 3-6 months before we got pregnant but to go ahead and try if we wanted to. I'm HOPING that I won't have problems since I got preggo right away. I think the biggest concern was if the lining was going to be enough.

ANYWAYS! So glad to be staying in April! I already know quite a few of you and can't wait to get to know all the new faces!

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I am grinning from ear to ear!!! Congrats!

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I am so happy to see you over here!! Smile Congrats again!

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Welcome, so glad you are staying. Smile

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Yahoo So happy for you!

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Yay congrats! HH9M!! Biggrin