Ive been slackin

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Ive been slackin

Hello ladies...

I feel like a loner cause im not as active on the site as i use to be Blum 3

Im 28 weeks now and things are starting to hurt!! I was fitted for a belly belt last week and it seems to help while im working so thats a plus(right?) I have Physical Therapy twice a week for the next two weeks and then will go from there. I go Monday for my GD test and a check up on my Mental health. This pregnancy my hormones are way out of wack and my depression has come back and its raging i would say. I was given a prescription for Lexapro but have failed to pick it up yet! I havent been on meds for it in years and im kinda scared to be back on it. Work has been horrible as well i just have to keep truckin only a few weeks left and i can stay at home and relax(haha hard to do with a two year old right) a little before Kinsley arrives. If you want im on FB and seem to be more active over there.
[email]oo_tinker_oo@yahoo.com[/email] is my email or Angela Jones Smile I hope all you ladies are doing well!! Are we going to be doing birth buddy sign up or baby shower things soon. Just let me know and im in!

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Glad you're back. Sorry your depression has come back! I fear at the end of this one I'm going to have postpartum because I feel like crying a lot off and on and LO isn't even here yet! However, I think as long as you (and me!) have strong support systems everything will be okay. (hugs)

We kinda did a birth buddy sign up, but I dunno if we're going to do another "official" one or just use the other one? No idea ha ha.

It sucks that you're having bad pains. I've been having bad hip pains off and on because mine is so low. Lol I literally pop when I walk! Although it's no fun when I roll in bed and I have to do it real slowly because it's painful! Gah!

Anyway, it's good to hear from you again and I hope things get better and that you pass your GD test!