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Joining April

Found out this week that I will be joining you ladies in April. Very excited!
My edd is 4/19.
This will be #3 for us, DS1 just turned 6 and DS2 is going to be 10 months next week. We were going to TTC in Oct. when our LO turned 1 but decided to be lax this time around and just let it happen if it was time. DS2 was my VBAC baby and I can't wait to have another VBAC. Looking foward learning more about you ladies.

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Loving your new smilies Anna. Still thinking about that blinkie!

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You name it, Joy and I will build it!

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Congratulations Joy!! A lot of us are expecting #3.

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Congrats!!! & good for you for having a VBAC!


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Congratulations and WTG on your vbac!

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Congratulations Joy and HH9M!

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Yahoo Congratulations and welcome to April! I can't wait to get to know you better! HH9M!!

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Congratulations and welcome!! Smile

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Congrats & welcome to April!!

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Congrats!!! Another one of my Oct. 2010 Mama's bites the dust! Smile