Just gotta survive 11 more days of work

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Just gotta survive 11 more days of work

I can make it physically, but making it emotionally is getting harder and harder. A parent insisted on a meeting with myself and the principal so she could interrogate me about why her daughter received an A- instead of an A on a project, which has damaged her daughter's self-esteem. The principal apologized to the parent for 'confusion' in the grading standards, then basically told me to change the girl's grade. Pregnancy brain means my work isn't perfect all the time, but do I have to let myself be bullied at work?

Earlier in this pregnancy my depression screening showed a mild case, and I explained to my NP that it was all work related. My NP was sympathetic and signed off on a huge lump of disability time postpartum, so I don't have to go back to work the rest of the school year.

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Ohhh girl, I am with you. I am finishing up on March 27th before I take a few days vacation before my LOA. Baby brain has been making things not so normal on the work front for me too. I work in training and development and I am usually out of the office instructing or engaging with mgmt trainees. For the last few weeks, my position has been relegated to mundane administrative duties.

Yesterday, I was asked to do a presentation on Leadership and Coaching. It wasn't terribly long, maybe 30 minutes tops, but I was not as "on-point" as I had hoped to be. A co-worker, afterwards, commented on how winded I sounded. GREAAAAT! I was just grateful for a change of scenery and being able to move beyond the copy room.

Sorry to read that your principal doesn't back you more.


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I'd be a bit peeved at the principal as well. The girl's self esteem is affected by the - ? Seriously? Does it help her esteem to have Mommy argue her grades?

haha. I'm livid for you Blum 3

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I don't understand why they say you need to change the girl's grade. Obviously you know what you're doing and the girl only did the work the get an A- right?

I remember how stressed I was at work when I was pregnant with DD2. I worked at a photo studio and the customers were so mean at times. But then again that's what usually happens around the holidays ha.

Anyway, I hope things get better at work, esp since you only have 11 days left. Lets hope those days go by fast for you!!!

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ugghhh... I can't believe your principal gave in to a parent like that... blah... I'm a teacher too, and if my principal ever did that to me I'd be seriously peeved...

hang in there... only a few days left! And glad you'll be able to get extra time off after LO arrives...

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Beee I would be SO TICKED at the principle, for letting the parent do that. Why didn't the parent contact you, to ask if the A- was indeed warranted, and then get over the fact that their child got a low A on one assignment? UGH hormones would sooo get to me. It's a good thing I'm not a teacher, because I couldn't deal well with situations such as this.

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Can't believe the principal gave in like that! I am frustrated for you...

I am trying to make myself expendable at work...training the interim manager, and we have a temp starting Sunday. But my brain is jello and i can see i am not as effective. Oh well.

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wow ditto others with respect to the principal Sad

Almost over