Just One Girl! Had my GOOD US!

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Just One Girl! Had my GOOD US!

So I had my really great US yesterday.

It was just ONE baby, he made SURE LOL

Says I measure large because I have a lot of fluid (this was the case w/my other two as well - just never measured this large but he also said that was normal cause it's #3).

So glad I went to him though, the woman had told me the wrong placental placement and position. There were no weird pictures, no weird mirroring images - we showed him the older pics and even he was confused! He said it looked like she had frozen multiple pictures on the screen at once which makes sense since she didn't seem to know how to work the machine!

The baby measured 28 weeks and 3 days
Actual weight 2lbs 14oz
Blood and oxygen flow was optimal in the cord.
Even though I didn't really go in and pay for diagnostics he still screened for T18, Heart Valvue problems, and checked for any markers of anything and found that she was very healthy and everything seems to be in perfect working order. He really zoomed in on her heart, checked the blood oxygen flow there - great! We could see all 4 chambers pumping away and even her mitral valvue!


He said my placenta is very thick (also normal and ideal) well attached and looks very healthy!

I can breathe easy now and actually feel great after getting some piece of mind!
He took pictures and video of all my stats, measurements of all organs and flow to give to my midwife - again, even though I didn't really order it or pay for it! Only $75.00 bill!
Okay I will stop ranting, I am just SO glad I went there.

I am also on a total shopping high since I bought a bunch of stuff for baby now that I am sure it's ONE GIRL LOL

I'll share pics as soon as I get some up Smile


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Yay! I'm glad your mind was put at ease! There's been some of us stalking you to find out the results LOL!

That's really cool that he did a bunch of extra stuff for you as well. And yay for getting more pics and a DVD so you can watch her whenever!

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LOL I'm watching her again right now HAHAHA

He got an awesome shot of the bottom of her foot, she was kicking the probe!

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I'm glad it's finally confirmed and you can stop worrying about the confusion! What a strange deal though with all the movement you've been experiencing and then to end up with an incompetent tech who just increased the confusion for you (and all of us!). I'm glad you got someone good who knew what they were doing this time!

And I'm really glad that you got the extras and made sure that your little girl is perfectly healthy.

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That doctor sounds awesome!! I'm glad you got everything figured out. I was totally sold that you had two in there based on the pictures you had up!!

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Wow, I am out of the loop. Glad everything checked out great and your little girl looks healthy as can be!!

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I'm so glad that you had a great u/s this time and that you know for sure that there is just one active little girl in there! How awesome that he did all those extra things for you. He was probably wondering what the heck the other tech. was doing to get all those crazy shots.

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LOL Yes, he was like WTF?!!!

Definitely peace of mind though. Sometimes seeing the specialist is a GOOD thing!

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Whew! So happy to hear it is only one and it was a great appointment!