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Keep me sane!!!

I want to blab my mouth on fb and tell everyone im pregnant!! Ive told a few close friends, i was going to say something on the 5th but since my appt was changed to the 12th im waiting till then. Gahhh ive posted things and then quickly deleted them cause they had to do with being pregnant lol. Anyone else told/waiting to tell Facebook land?

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I am not telling facebook. The people who need to know already know, and others can figure it out! Smile It is tempting, though. You won't regret waiting!

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We have not announced on fb yet. I'm waiting until my next appt at the end of the month....juuuuuuust to make sure everything is going ok. I think that iwll put me around 16 weeks by then so I may just wait until we find out the sex and just make ONE BIG announcement, lol. We haven't even told our parents yet. Well, my MIL knows only because she is a nosey biotch and put 2 and 2 together (she lives with us and knew I was throwing up every morning). I will first tell my parents and sisters then his dad and step mom.....then I will announce it to the world. Normally I can't keep a secret so big like this for that long....but with a miscarraige right before I got pregnant again, I just don't want to tell people and then have something be wrong. So we wait!

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I posted something on FB (most of my family and friends live far away). I posted this at least a month ago, and people are still randomly surprised when they notice. I don't post a TON about it, so it's kind of funny to see people randomly notice. I won't be much encouragement to keep quiet, because I'm nearly incapable of it myself. Blum 3

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Yes and no. ha ha.

My family doesn't know yet (we tell them at the end of the week when my parents come back from their trip). Then I'm still going to wait a few weeks for it to sink in with them before I announce it on FB. Next week I have a 15 week appt and then I'm going to wait 2 more weeks before I say anything. I just want to make sure everything checks out okay, esp since this pregnancy has been so extremely different than my two where I got this far (the one where I had a m/c I had constant almost migraines).

I am having problems saying certain things only because I do have a few people around here who know and I don't want them accidentally telling everyone for us hah. For example I wanted to say something about how miserable I've been since I've been sick, but I didn't want my friend to say how it must suck even worse being sick and pregnant.

I would just do one big announcement with the gender and everything but I just had a friend who did that a few months back (she had her son mid Sept and she was due beginning of Oct, so like 3 months ago?) so I don't want her to think I "stole her idea" kinda thing. Then of course there was when I didn't really make a big announcement when I was pregnant or had DD2 and people were offended lol. But then again if they were friends with my sister, she let them know (she actually announced to everyone before I had a chance to! Stole my thunder! Ha kidding, I didn't really care).

I dunno, I've never been really one who wants to go and tell everyone. I like my privacy lol. Maybe that's why there's only like 60 people on my FB. I mean I don't mind telling people yeah I'm pregnant, but I've never been one who makes "big announcements" kinda thing. Ha ha most people found out I got married when I changed my status on FB!

Okay, I've written enough. I just wanted to sort of talk some. DH has locked himself away in our room playing video games (Stressful week) and DD2 is running a fever and has been attached to me at the hip, even more than usual. And DD1 is showing me her animal toys and telling me their names. Ha ha I love my family!

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I guess i should add that with my son i was 19weeks6days when i found out i was even pregnant. Many people thought i just waited that long to tell anyone i was pregnant. That was not the case at all. I had two losses before my son. One in 2003 and a blighted ovum in jan of 2009 (my son was born oct 2009) Since my losses i dont want to say something and then have to explain if something were to happen. Thats why im waiting. Its just hard some days not to say anything at all. I dont think i want to wait and say what im having at the same time. I have alot of family on my Fb. All my local family knows. I want a cute idea too Smile Caleb already points at his belly and says baby hehe:eek:

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At the end of August I posted the video where we told MIL on FB. We told our families after our first OB appointment. Only a few people actually bothered to watch the video so when I uploaded my U/S pics I've had quite a few people comment now and at random moments someone else will notice. I've been lucky enough to have not had a loss, but I had some bleeding at 17 weeks with DD so we did wait a little longer this time, but I just couldn't hold out. But I also know that no matter how much I post about it on FB (and I rarely post a status update or anything) once I have the baby and post pictures I'll get people for MONTHS after posting things about how they didn't even know I had been pg. :roll:

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I haven't told yet either, still a few people that need to be told before that happens. My family lives in England so I need to tell my dad (nieces and sister are on fb so don't want him to find out that way)....not sure when yet. I got for first mw appt on Tues hopefully they'll find the hb. Then I'll find out the plan (if I do any earlier than "big" u/s)

oh and ditto having hard time not spilling. Today was a tough one, I did the Run for the Cure and posted my time from my Nike+ and wrote about how I met my goal of not stopping even though it was cold/wet and very hilly (and in my head thinking about also doing it pg)

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We told after our 12 week appointment. This was after we told our parents and our work though.

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I have my first ultrasound tomorrow. I plan on announcing on FB after that. My close friends and family have known for a while. I also told my department at week 6 due to being so super sick.

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I made it FB official after my first appt since we got to see the baby and knew everything was ok LOL! I've never had a loss so "ready to tell" so quickly.

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