Let it Begin...

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Let it Begin...

M/S hit me this morning like a freight train. UGH. Although not fun, it is a welcomed feeling of pregnancy because I did not have any symptoms with my last pregnancy that ended in M/C. So it's bittersweet....but I just want to get to the second trimester more than ever!

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I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly but yay for reassuring symptoms! Biggrin

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Sorry you are feeling yucky. I hope it is not too bad.

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No fun feeling yucky. Hope it passes quick.

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I'm right there with you, girl! Thankfully it's just right when I get up in the morning when I get up. I've forced a few crackers in me and that usually will help me feel better.

Hope it doesn't last long for you!!!

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I hear ya! Mine have been getting steadily worse since about last Saturday. So far no :puke2: but I was hoping to avoid m/s alltogether this time. It is reassuring though.

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Yuck. I hope it's not too bad for you. Sad

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