the long wait!!

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the long wait!!

It seems like everyone is having their big ultrasounds this week. Mine is not scheduled until December 9 - I will be almost 23 weeks by then! I'm so jealous!! Blum 3 I can't believe I have to wait so long!

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Wow I can't believe they're having you wait that long! I hope time goes by quickly for you!

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That's crazy! I can't believe they would make you wait that long! Here I know they insist on doing it between 18 and 20 weeks.

Did they say why it was taking so long? Is that just when they had an opening? That sucks that you have to wait.

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Sad sorry that kind of waiting is almost torturous!

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We have to wait almost as long... Dec 2nd.. I'll be 22 weeks. It is even harder to wait when it seems like everyday there is an update and pictures of the little ones!! Getting excited,


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At least Dec. is just right around the corner now! Sorry you have more time to wait still though.

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Mine was supposed to be Dec. 7th because i am having bleeding issues back to the dr i go. That is the only reason i found out when i did Blum 3

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Almost all the women in my town go to one particular place to get ultrasounds done, and they ALWAYS schedule the big ultrasound at 22 weeks. I have no idea why! But here in town at least I'm not alone! (I hear the other practices that have their own high-tech equipment also make you wait.) Boo.

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My office won't do it until 20 weeks minimum. It will be here in no time!

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Yes - just over two weeks, I can do it!!

At least we think we already know the gender. Otherwise I'd be DYING.

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My doc always makes me wait. The last two I didn't have the big u/s until I was 24 and 26 weeks along. This time I said, "can we try to find the gender at my 20 week appt because I would like to know before Christmas" (yes if I had to wait I wouldn't find out until the week after Christmas) So yeah, I feel your pain!

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That is cruel and unusual punishment!