low iron?

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low iron?

Has anyone had issues with low iron levels or anemia during pregnancy? I'm wondering if my iron levels are low -- I have been feeling really run-down in the last few weeks and am easily exhausted. Reading up on the symptoms of anemia, they sound a little familiar -- fatigue, low energy, dizziness, shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat (I have been noticing this going out Christmas shopping recently because of all the walking I've been doing). I asked my husband to pick up some iron supplements today, because I figure it can't hurt.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Any advice?

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I have never been actually diagnosed with low iron during pregnancy but I always have to take an iron suppliment after birth. Maybe go ahead and call your OB and ask if it's ok to start an iron suppliment.

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I was just told by my Dr that I have low iron. She prescribed me and iron suppliment (I am not too keen on taking anything perscription pregnant - personal choice). I havn't had any symptoms that made me wonder if I had. It was actually a bit of a shock.

That said, I have been looking up natural ways to increase iron that are safe for pregnancy. One that I have found is the Chia seed (yup - like the chia plant). It is called a "superfood" and has 6 times the iron as Spinach. It also has quite a few other health benefits such as:

Omega 3

It is also good for increasing your energy levels. May be something worth looking into.

But to be sure, you can ask you Dr to test your iron, here it is routine in your week 24 blood work.

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Thanks for the advice, ladies! I put in a call to my dr's office and am waiting to hear back from the nurse.

JBaum, I wish I had thought to ask them to check at my most recent appointment -- it was just this past Friday! I don't go back for another four weeks and that's when I have all the bloodwork (the dreaded glucose test).

I have heard good things about chia seeds! I wonder if I can add them to my oatmeal or smoothies.

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Good idea that you are checking with your doctor.

I used floradix (iron+herbs) and thought it was pretty good. I especially liked that it wasn't constipating like iron pills can be. I don't and didn't have low iron but know that other preggo woman have taken in for energy issues related to iron and have had good results. My midwife highly recommended it during the 2nd half of my last pregnancy and I will probably start taking it again soon during this pregnancy.

Here is a link to it. I just get mine at Whole Foods. The down side is that it is kinda pricey.

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I have been diagnosed with low iron and am currently on an iron supplement as well. I actually need to start back taking them regularly because I do notice an increase in energy level when I am consistent.