Lunch and dinner ideas?

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Lunch and dinner ideas?

I am having the hardest time with what to eat. DH is going to a school in Virginia (leaving tonight) and will be gone until right after Thanksgiving. I've been eating out for lunch normally, and I've been eating pretty healthily, but it is not good for the budget.

Any lunch ideas? I have access to a full kitchen at work. And I get totally sick of sandwiches, so that's where I am having trouble. Oh and microwave meals, just looking at them, makes me want to gag!

And for dinners, I am cooking for me and 2 toddlers. One eats anything, and the other eats sometimes and doesn't sometimes. I'm having the hardest time with food prep and meat aversions. If I prepare it, then I definitely don't want to eat it. I normally can't stomach much of any red meat. Help!!

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When I was pregnant, and having to bring my lunches to work, I made LOTS of salads with various toppings (my favorite was grilled chicken), various dressings, etc. I would also recommend a can of soup, because it is SO easy for work.

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tomorrow I have sheppards pie. Last week I had curry/rice/nacho chips. I've taken homemade burgers before, heated meat and put on bun. Hmmm what else... can't think right now.

One thing for me if hubby was gone is I'd make sure to prep the night before, I leave early am and can't smell food. Last week we had leftover turkey so I made sandwiches two days and forgot to prep so had to get dh to make it Smile

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You could always do grilled cheese (or does that count as a sandwich?) and soup. I've been doing Hamburger Helper a lot for dinners because I just haven't been in the mood to cook. The other night we had chicken fried steaks for dinner (they were real easy to make, only took about 20 minutes to heat up in the oven).

As for lunches, I've been real bad about that stuff lately. Maybe you could even take a poptarts or cereal to snack on. What about nutrigrain bars? I've been able to eat those off and on. Also I like to eat a lot of fruit. Maybe just apples and peanut butter?

Sadly though I've been craving McDonald's chicken nuggets. The outside of them is what I crave. It sounds gross but it's a craving. Plus mayo is another weird craving of mine. So I'm not too much help on eating healthier and not spending money (lol).

Sucks that your husband is gone for the next month. Hope this next month goes by fast for you!

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Katie, you know what I have been craving?!! So funny about your chicken nuggets, because I have been all over those frozen chicken fries haha!! I don't know what it is, but I cook them so long they are almost burnt, dip them in BBQ sauce, and then I chow down.

I haven't been able to stand anything sweet in the least (except fresh fruits), so no nutrigrains, or anything of that nature. Grilled cheese is a thought though!!

Thanks ladies, keep 'em comin'!

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I'm a SAHM, so packing a lunch isn't an issue, but making it is! I always make a point to fix a large dinner so that we're sure to have plenty of leftovers. My lunches are made up of leftovers about 75% of the time. Just takes the thought out of it and then all I have to do is heat it up.

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I don't have dinner ideas (as I have no toddlers to feed), but for lunches here are some suggestions ...

- make a big pot of soup on the weekend and take it for lunch throughout the week - super easy and WAY healthier for you and babe than the canned stuff
- big salads topped with protein (chicken, beans, tuna salad), cold roasted veggies like sweet potatoes or broccoli or chickpeas, cheese like pasteurized feta or goat cheese, sunflower seeds, and a light dressing
- leftovers of course!
- if you're sick of sandwiches, try a wrap made with hummus and some of the same salad toppings, or brown rice, black beans, guac, salsa, cheese and chicken.
- pita chips and veggies with hummus
- you could also do this completely random thing that I do sometimes if you're not feeling salad greens (which I haven't this pregnancy) - take a bunch of salad toppings and eat them hot!

Good luck!

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I've been eating a ton of soup at work for lunch, frozen french bread pizzas, etc.

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"Ithilien" wrote:

- if you're sick of sandwiches, try a wrap made with hummus and some of the same salad toppings, or brown rice, black beans, guac, salsa, cheese and chicken.

Why have I never thought of making wraps with hummus!? Excellent idea! I see this in my future this week!