M/S is kicking my behind!!

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M/S is kicking my behind!!

I thought I was lucky with this pregnancy by only having MS in the morning. I usually just have to :puke2: once in the morning and then I'm good the rest of the day. Nope, not today. I've:puke2: 3x's already today and I'm still feeling nasueas. Trying to get down some fresh fruit or something, but nothing wants to stay down! Not to mention I'm exhausted. Ok rant over.

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I am right there with you. I haven't really had it so far up until Friday, either I got a little bug or M/S is really kicking in.. Oh how I would love to have dinner with my family again.

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I'm so sorry you are both feeling so sick Sad I hope it passes soon!

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morning sickness is no fun (from what ive heard. ive only had nausea) I hope you start feeling better soon

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I am right there with you. I so hope I don't experience it until my 8th month again-that makes me nervous.

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me too...ugh! I had it for 18 weeks with my 3rd. I so hope it stops earlier this time, but the shortest I had it I think was 12-14 weeks. It seems like an eternity. I want to be able to enjoy food and smells again. Hope you all feel better soon. Let's hang in there...

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Me too. I haven't been throwing up, just feeling terrible almost constantly. At least it's reassuring?

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Sorry you feel so crappy!! Feel free to rant, we are all in this together!!

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So sorry you are feeling bad. Hope today is better.

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I feel you there! In my 5th week or so I was feeling happy about not having morning sickness, and as soon as I started my sixth week I was throwing up and having food aversions and everything. Sometimes even the thought of food makes me gag! I hope this is over soon!!!!

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Yes, it is all so reassuring....but a pain in the a**! It really makes it hard chasing a 2 year old around. Hopefully this pregnancy will be like my last and will only have MS the first trimester...I can only hope!! lol

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Sad MS & exhaustion are kicking my butt too! I'm just crossing my fingers that the second trimester means simmering down the hormones and nausea at least a little.

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I haven't actually physically gotten sick, but I've been nauseous non-stop!!! It is so hard to function when you are so tired and nauseous all the time.

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I haven't actually thrown up yet, but I have come very close several times. I actually called the dr to see what I could take for the M/S because it was getting so horrible. They kept telling me that it's very reassuring to have M/S even though it sucks because it means my hormone levels were rising.

Then she told me I could the unisom and B6 for M/S and it worked wonderfully...for about 2 days. Then I was back to feeling horrible. So I have begun taking Flinstone Vitamins and so far I haven't been as nauseous as before. Granted it's still there, but not as strong. I'm hoping by the time I hit 12 or 13 weeks it'll calm down a lot more. Almost there!