Maternity clothes...

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Maternity clothes...

Put on my first pair of maternity pants today... Excited because I'm finally getting a bump (but in all honesty, I put them on because my normal pants were all in the laundry..) but yeah.. getting one step closer to a baby!!!


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WHAT?! You're only now wearing maternity clothes?!!! Gah so lucky ha ha. I've been in them since I was about 7 weeks lol. Well, I used one of those belly bands for a few weeks too. But yay on getting a bump!!

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I'm getting the box of maternity clothes down from the closet tomorrow. Good way to celebrate reaching the halfway point.

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Boy, do I feel like a heifer! LOL regular pants haven't been comfortable on me for months. I was wearing nice-ish PJ pants and 1 pair of functional pants before I FINALLY got maternity pants 3 weeks ago. I told DH I was sick of being in public in PJ pants or the same ones all the time.

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Wow, I'm always amazed by people who can wait this long to break out the maternity pants. I held out until about 11 weeks and I was uncomfortable.

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Well, unfortunately, I'm still not in my maternity pants. My mom took me maternity clothes shopping a couple of months ago, but after losing 10 pounds from the morning sickness, I barely fit in my regular pants. I cant wait to wear my comfy maternity pants though! I've been wearing the maternity tops since I got them.

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I'm not wearing maternity pants on a regular basis yet but I did wear my maternity jeans this weekend because I wanted to look more preggo LOL!!!!

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I've been rocking maternity pants since week 13. I'm dreading having to wear real pants again Blum 3

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Yay for pulling out the maternity pants! I just recently moved into mine as well.

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After that first day of wearing maternity pants, I actually went back to my normal pants... I got tired of pulling them up all day. But on a good note we were at the doctor today and everything is looking good so hopefully soon I will have a bump that needs extra room!!


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