Maybe a March Baby?

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Maybe a March Baby?

Just got home from my 36 week appt. and had the strep b test. While down there the doc checked me....I'm 3cm dilated and 80% effaced, the same I was the day I went into labor with my DD! I also got to see my little guy because she wanted to do a scan to make sure he was head down (which he is).

I've been stressing that he would be off track just like my DD was and end up transverse, which is why I had a c-section with her. But he's in a good position and I'm in a good way for a VBAC!! I don't think this could have turned out any better Smile

I know I could walk around like this for another couple of weeks, but it's giving me so much hope that I might actually go into labor before my planned c-section date.

The doc even said that if by the last week of march I hadn't gone into labor then they could break my water for me and see if that sped things along, since I can't be medically induced.

OMG, we're soooo close!!! It's really starting to hit home!!

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I'm so glad things are looking good for your VBAC! I really hope you get it, and even if you walk around the next two weeks like this, at least they're going to break your water so you can attempt it! That's awesome news!

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Yea great news!

Wow we may actually start seeing these April Babies soon!!!!!

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Very exciting!! I'm kinda in the same boat as you. My OB said anytime now is good for me to go into labor and he won't medically induce at all. I'm full on planning a VBAC. So today I rearranged the living room furniture to try to 'encourage' my body to start doing more. . . I haven't been checked or anything so I don't know if I'm at all dilated. Hopefully you go into labor on your own in the next week or two so you get your VBAC! KUP!

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That's a good start!! And the more you do now, the less you have to do in active labor Wink Exciting!

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That's so awesome! I really hope baby stays head down for a successful VBAC!

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Eeek!! That's so exciting!! Smile

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I'm still in shock that I'm just under 37 weeks and already at this point! It just seems like this whole pregnancy has gone by sooo fast. And now we're in the home stretch!

I have to admit, I'm REALLY excited my body is progressing like it is now. I was honestly scared I'd reach that c-section day with nothing and be so disappointed. As much as I've been trying to make myself accept another c-section, I was disappointed deep down. There's just something that bothers me about not being able to experience a vaginal birth. I'm fully aware that there's a chance that even if I go into labor and go through the whole process and I might still need a c-section. But I'm just so happy to be given a second shot at it Smile

Something else I'm really excited about is a good friend is getting into birth photography. She wants just a few more births under her belt before she opens up shop and she is going to shoot my birth for free! I'm so excited to get some birth shots, something I didn't get with my DD. Plus she's a rock star photographer, so I KNOW they'll be amazing photos Smile

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How exciting! I really hope you get your VBAC! And how cool about your friend doing the shoot. You are so close.

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great news! I hope you get your VBAC! and how cool about the photos!

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love it! i am crossing my fingers that i'm possibly in the same boat!

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YAY!!!! I've had so many BH that I figure my body MUST be doing SOMETHING ROFL

That is soo awesome about the photography, I really wanted to do Maternity pics with this baby since I didn't with the first 2 but I never made the time.

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fantastic!!! Glad your VBAC is looking like a go!

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Woohoo! Go body go! Really hope you get your VBAC.

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that's awesome Smile great start to your vbac