Meet my little Princess :) pics

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Meet my little Princess :) pics

Hello Ladies!!

Well on Monday April 23rd i went in for a scheduled c/s. I got there at 6am and i was the only mother on the floor. By the time 7am came there were two more. Luckily i was the only C/S so i was able to have her as planned and not have to wait longer to eat. I was so nervous about the Spinal but they did amazing. It was on the first try Smile i was wheeled back at 750 and she was born at 836am. She is long, dr said she was as big as me meaning from top to bottom there was no room.LOL. She is using a shield to bf due to inverted nipples but is doing great. I was sent home yesterday and last night went ok. I am trying to adjust with my two year old who has become violent Sad he did not want to sleep last night until 1130. I tried sleeping in bed but my incision hurts to bad to crawl out of the bed so i ended on the couch with Kinsley in her bouncer.
oh the second night/morning Kinsley scared me at the hospital. She roomed with me the whole time, we were sleeping and i heard a gag. She had white stuff coming from her nose and mouth and was turning blue. it seemed like forever and i yelled for help. so scary Sad
Here are some pics, they are from my cell for now sorry

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I love her little onesie of "Little Sister". She is so cute.

Glad you didn't have to wait for your c/s. And she is long!

I remember with DD2 she did that when she spit up amniotic fluid. I didn't know what was going on and immediately called a nurse in who calmed me down and reassured me it was okay. I never say that happen with DD1, but I'm sure she spit some up too. I remember Desmond doing that, but he didn't turn blue. Was hers the fluid or something else?

My DD2 is 2 1/2 and she can get violent at times too. When it's bed time, if she's throwing a fit, we just close her in her room with the lights off and give her about 5 minutes before we check on her again and if she's still throwing a fit and refusing, we leave and close the door. Eventually she'll give in and get into bed. She also has been throwing toys a lot lately, and when she does we grab her arm to stop her and then tell her we don't do that and send her to her room. Hopefully your DS will start calming down, but he's probably trying to find ways to express himself since this is all new to him. Hope he calms down soon!

Congrats on your little girl!

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What a cutie! Glad she's here & healthy now!

FYI- that same gagging thing happened when my first daughter was 1 week old. It seemed like it lasted for minutes, but it was probably only 30 seconds. My aunt called 911 & we ended up driving her to the hospital ourselves after EMTs checked her out and said it was our call and they would take her by ambulance if we wanted. Her diagnosis: "dyspnea - difficulty breathing" ...and she had been choking on milk because of an immature digestive system. It was just TOO scary seeing half-digested milk coming out my newborn's mouth and nose.

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that's great that you didn't have to wait for you c/s

how scary but glad to hear things are fine now. Cute pics (esp the last one of the two of them). Hopefully ds settles down soon for you