membrane sweep?

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membrane sweep?

Just wondering besides discomfort if there are any cons to having mw do a membrane sweep?

mw mentioned that when I go for my 38w appt (I'll actually be 38w3d then) they'll check me and offer membrane sweep. It's something I hadn't really thought about so I figured I'd better think about this ahead of time

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I never got the chance to have it done, but if I had gone to my other appt than I would've had it done because I was so ready.

That's all the input I have! Sorry I'm not much help!

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Could cause your water to break before you body is actually ready to go into labor. That would be a con and what happened to us pretty much with DS1.

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My DR did with it my last baby (37.5 weeks) and baby was born less than 12 hours later. However, that is not always the case....I had it done with #5 and it caused a little bit of cramping and spotting--nothing else. Other than a possible chance of membrane rupture I don't know of any cons to having it done. When I get to 37-38 weeks I am more than willing to go through the little bit of discomfort from a stretch and sweep if it means there is a chance that I could possibly go into labor.

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I am going to have this done at my 40 week appointment IF my body is showing signs of progress toward labor. The risk to it is your body being forced into labor before it's actually ready, so I'm not going to do it if conditions aren't right.

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I have had it done unsuccessfully with all three pregnancies. Last week, I had it done and started having regular contractions and losing mucus plug, only to have everything fizzle.

Another of the cons (besides the risk of breaking your water or possible infection), is that it's usually most effective the first time. Repeat sweeps are less effective, so if your cervix isn't really ripe, or you aren't somewhat close to labor, it will be less likely to work. It's better to save it for when you *really* need it.

Granted, I'm a total hypocrite, and had it done at 39 weeks this time. Wink