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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, Ihave been having problems with m y iron levels. Since they will not increase the doctor has classified me as being severely anemic. Due to all of this I am unable to situp or stand for a long period of time. Besides all of that the babies are doing great and I even passed my GD screening.

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I'm sorry to hear about the anemia! I can't quite imagine not being able to stand up or even sit up for long periods of time! So happy to hear that the babies are doing well!!!!

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Sorry to hear about the anemia, but yay to passing the GD Screen!

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I'm so sorry about the anemia. Are they able to give you anything to help with it over time so you can get up at some point?

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Glad your twins are doing good! But that stinks that you're anemic. Too bad the dr can't give you anything either.

But yay for passing your GD test!

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Thanks ladies, they have talked about a blood transfusion. However, I am really struggling with the idea of getting one. Please let me know your thoughts on receiving a blood transfusion?

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oh no sorry to hear Sad
Glad you hear babies are well and congrats on passing GD test

No idea about the transfusions....I'd be asking lots of questions. Did a very brief (and early morning search) and could find mostly blood transfusions during delivery for anemia. One site said no proven increase but I don't have access to actual research articles at home so again this is just a general search. I'd want to know the pros/cons for both having and not having.

Sorry you have to worry about this, :bighug:

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Hope they get your iron levels back on track. Welcome back and congrats on passing your test.

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I've had my grandmother and my ex-MIL (who I am very close with) need transfusions in the past few years, and it can be AMAZING, the speed of recovery, just to have that boost of fresh cells. One was after continual hemorrhoid bleeding for months, and the other was a minor surgery & she ended up being diagnosed with a clotting disorder she's always had symptoms from. There is always the TINIEST risk of infection, etc, if after rigorous testing, there was something bad in the blood... but from what I recall, those risks are so minute now with technology, that it's almost not worth mentioning. Some people have moral/spiritual feelings against it, because they consider it "taking someone else's life force" into their bodies. Personally, ESPECIALLY while pregnant, and if your babies are at all being impacted for any reason, I would do it as soon as the doctor recommends it. Just my personal opinion, of course.

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Awww, so sorry to hear your not doing good. No idea about the transfusion, but I hope you feel better soon. Great news that the babies are doing good and that you passed the GD test!

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Glad the babies are good, I hope you and your doctor can figure something out that works and helps you feel better.

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I have heard people banking their own blood before surgery to remove the last tiny risk of infection from the blood. Obviously not something you can do now, but I wonder if you knew someone with the same blood type whether they would consider a person known to you if this is part of your hesitation.

Hope you are feeling better soon!