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Milk Question

If you give your LO a bottle (BM or formula) how much are they taking and how often?

I go to a night class once a week and am gone for 4 hours. The first week back I left 4 oz of BM total and DS3 only took 2oz (I was only gone 3 hours). Last night I left 5.5oz and he took 4oz over the entire 4 hours. He was screaming for 20 min before I got back since he was so hungry and DH didn't see the extra 1.5oz of BM I had left :roll: but that is another story. Its so hard to guess how much to leave since that is the only time we use a bottle and he nurses all other times. Anyway I hate pumping and more hate dumping milk that isn't used since its frozen until we need it and can't be refrozen. I guessing at least 1 to 1.5oz per hour I'm gone for now. What do you all think? I nurse up until I leave and right when I get home.

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Eli is 5 weeks now, and I have a 2-hour class twice a week, and a few other short things I have to leave home for. Depending on the time of day, he'll have anywhere from 2 to 4.5 oz at a time. The 4.5 oz is usually first thing in the morning, or if he just woke from a really long nap.

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I always have at least 2 bottles of 2 or more oz in the fridge for DH to feed Desmond. He will eat anywhere from 2 oz to 4oz at a feeding and he eats about every hour or two if I'm nursing him and about every 2 hours if he's eating from a bottle (except a night he sometimes does longer stretches). Every time I dump BM I feel bad lol. I hated when I had to dump 20 ml this morning from a bottle he didn't finish last night. However, I also have had to relieve my boobs in the shower before when I constantly felt engourged and I felt bad about that too lol. DH kept telling me it's fine and not to feel bad. How come you don't just give the rest of the BM that's unthawed to DS instead of dumping it? You could even see if you can get DH to give him a bottle in the middle or the night or early morning so you can sleep a little more Smile

But I would leave about 6 oz just to be on the safe side, esp since DS might begin going through a growth spurt soon!

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I was shocked that maddie took 7.5 oz on Sunday. I had a concert and was gone from about1:30 to 6:45 pm. And i made sure to nurse her right before i left!

I have been pumping in the mornings and getting 6-7 oz, so my suspicion is that she is a piggy!