Miserable with a capital M!

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Miserable with a capital M!

Ugh, I thought I would be able to dodge it, but I have gotten what feels like the flu. My older one started school a few weeks ago and she must've brought something home because my husband and I are both sick!

Isabelle has a cough, but she seems fine (running all over, pretty cheerful) and Lorelei doesn't have any symptoms! Although she's teething so she has her own thing going on ha ha (we're up to 12 teeth now!)

My husband, Tyler, has been so stuffed up and could barely breath. He's had it all weekend, but he's been able to get up and walk around perfectly fine. His throat was bothering him too.

Then I woke up horribly ha ha. I started to feel it last night (I could barely get up the stairs because it hurts my legs) and took a nice bath and ate a little and we went to bed early. Today I can barely breath and my head is so stuffed up and I swear the vomit is sitting there just waiting to come out (sorry for the mental picture!). I can barely keep my eyes open. I feel terrible. I called Tyler to bring me cold medicine (I looked it up in my pregnancy book the dr gave me and I can take Tylonal cold YES!) and I'm hoping he gets the message. My throat hurts, but I've been eating ice pops that I luckily bought at the beginning of summer, and that has helped some. Being sick while pregnant is definitely no fun!

On the up side of things Isabelle turns 6 in less than 2 weeks (we're planning her first party)! And then Lorelei will be 2 soon after. I just booked her 2 year old pictures and our Christmas pictures. Wow this is just flying by isn't it?! Okay, maybe I'm pushing for it to fly by ha ha.

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I'm so sorry you are feeling so sick. I had the flu with my last pregnancy and it was the worst. Get lots of extra rest, drink a load of water, relax with some tea, and get better soon.

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Yuck! That really sucks! I hope it's not the flu and goes away quickly!!

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Oh no! I hope it passes quickly! :bigarmhug: I am sure it is no fun being sick and pregnant with 2 little ones to take care of as well! You definitely have my sympathy!

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Sad I SO SO SO hope you get better fast! My bronchitis wore me down like crazy! sick mama taking care of sick babies... it just takes forever to feel better when everyone is sick and needing TLC and no one to give it!