Mom knows best!!!

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Mom knows best!!!

So many people say they have a feeling what they are having before even knowing. At first i was thinking girl all the way... NOW im not too sure!! Is anyone else having this problem!

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I'm not even going to guess... last time I was absolutely convinced that I was going to have a boy, and then when my daughter was born and the doctor announced that she was a girl, I remember a moment of complete disbelief!!! This time around, I don't have any idea which way I'm leaning, but trying to stay neutral. I want to just be completely happy and surprised!!


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I have been that way with all 3 of ours but my initial gut feeling was right for the previous two, so I am going with that for this one. But I know I will have doubts and think it is the other gender. With this one I felt it was a boy right off the bat, but I sometimes still think it is a girl. Oh well, we will wait and see in April.

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I was fairly certain I was having a boy when I was pg with DD, I was wrong. This time I'm feeling boy again, but I'm not buying blue or picking out names because I know it's a 50% chance that I'm right either way.

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I have no feeling either way.

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My first two pregnancies were EASY! Almost absolutely no morning sickness. No headaches or tiredness. A little moodiness but I thought that was closer to the end. They were both girls. Also with both of them, I went into labor and they were both born within 6-9 hours of my water breaking. When I was 10 cm I only had to push for 12 minutes with the first one and like 10 with the second. Ha ha EASY!

This one is so much different. I told my husband I think we're having a boy only because of how different this one is. However I also told him that if we have a girl she's probably going to be trouble LOL! And his response is if we have another girl that means my X chromosomes are bullies who beat up his Ys and that's why we have a girl ha ha.

Either way, since we decided and agreed on a girl name if we happen to have a girl I'll be very excited either way. As of right now we're referring to our baby as "he" only because I really do think it's a boy (or is that really hopeful thinking ha ha).

With both my other kids I never really had a "feeling", but this one I do think maybe it's a boy. Hey I have a 50/50 chance of being right!

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With my other 2 I totally just knew they were going to be boys. Even though I was trying to 'tell' myself #2 was a girl. This time I don't really have a positive boy feeling, or any feeling at all. I did have a dream, a few weeks ago, that I was trying to nurse this baby girl. I've never had dreams that included the gender of my babies so maybe its a sign! This pregnancy has been way different than my other 2 as well.

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I posted about this same thing a while back and I am TRYING to stay neutral but my feelings are leaning towards girl. Although, I think it is just b/c I want it SO bad! So, now every time I start thinking about it being a girl, I remind myself that it very well could be a boy!

ETA: Hopefully it will all be put to rest for me 2 weeks from tomorrow!

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This time around I really didn't have the feeling it was a boy/girl. My other 2 pregnancies I just knew from the beginning. This pregnancy is not like either pregnancy I have had before it is so much easier I don't feel pregnant, if my last 2 pregnancies were this easy I would have gotten pregnant with a 3rd a long time ago Smile

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I knew with certainty that my last two were girls. This time I still feel that it's a girl but I don't have that "Oh I just know it" type of thing and the twin suspicion is so strong it's making me nuts. I really doubt there are two babies in there, but I just have that feeling and I am most likely 100% wrong --

watch it be one single boy baby LOL

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I keep calling the baby "he". I REALLY hope I'm wrong!

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I have no feelings one way or the other. Like, at all. But, interestingly, I had an extremely vivid dream the other night that we found out it was a boy. Only time will tell! Smile

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I won't even try to guess, because last time I thought I knew for a fact I was having a girl and it ended up being a baby boy-that I adore of course. This time I have no idea, but my DF does & he was right the first time so maybe father's intuition is right for him.