A Moment to Whine...

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A Moment to Whine...

DH leaves Saturday for 5-6 weeks of training 8+ hours away. :cryinghard::cryinghard::cryinghard::cryinghard::cryinghard:

He has to do a course that someone volunteered him for when he had his 10 days leave after Desmond was born (thanks guy!) and then that overlaps with other training his battalion is doing. At least Des is starting to sleep better at night. He usually goes to sleep abour 8-9 and then wakes up between 2-4 to eat and then will wake up again between 5 and 6 to eat again. He's also been going right back to sleep so that's good.

It just makes me sad he will miss out on those 6 weeks of his life (I dunno how the women do it who have husbands deployed right after birth or even aren't there for the birth! Those are strong women!)

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Sad sorry

that sucks that someone volunteered for him.

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I hate the "voluntold" crap! When my ex was in the military, he got that all the time! We lived on a training base, and he got to wear real middle-east clothing, to help train other groups. He left a few weeks after my second DD was born too. So frustrating! ..and I totally get what you mean.. new moms with a deployed spouse are amazing!