Morning sickness :-(

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Morning sickness :-(


...and I still feel like I need to :puke2: some more.

Although relieved that I am actually experiencing it now, just because I heard that women with morning sickness are more likely to have healthier pregnancies, I am not enjoying this one bit.

I have never been one to throw up for anything, in fact I can probably count on one hand how many times I've thrown up in the last few years.

So what are all you ladies using to combat the morning sickness and nausea?


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So sorry you're so sick!! I HATE MS and I have it the worst in the morning and early evening.

I've been chewing Sea Band Gum for the past 2 weeks and it's actually worked really well. It's expensive as all get out, but I'm willing to pay just about anything to keep from throwing up. I usually pop two pieces in my mouth as soon as I get up in the morning.

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I'll try anything! I start classes next week and my first class is 10:50, and if I'm going to be getting sick around mid morning, that's not going to work well!


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I have been sicky poo in the last week. I keep crackers next to my bed and before I step foot out of bed, I eat a couple. I really like ginger tea, that seems to help more than ginger ale. I have upped my b6 intake and sucked on preggie pops (they have them at the local pea in a pod). I have also taken 1/2 unisom in the eve, I am not convinced that it has made a difference. Still trying to iron out some solutions.

How much is that gum, by the way, and where do you buy it?

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I'm so sorry. That was totally me my last pregnancy.

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A cup of cranberry juice first thing helps me... It seems like I get sick whenever I am getting low blood sugar, so the juice hits quickly! And then small snacks all day... right now lots of crackers and cheese..
Hope you figure out a way to get some relief.

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So far I've just had some mild nausea here and there, so I haven't been doing much other than drinking Sprite. I hope you find some relief.

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Well I couldn't find the gum at my Walmart, but I did find the Sea Bands. They look silly, and obvioulsy I wouldnt want to wear them around anyone that doesnt know I'm pregnant yet
(we havent told anyone yet) but they have definitely helped since I put them on. All it is is a small button like thing on the inside of these two wrist bands and they push down right on a certain spot on your wrist and are supposed to control nausea. Ive had them on for a couple of hours and I dont feel bad so hopefully that means theyre working.

Other than that, Im just trying to eat small meals. I've got ginger ale and saltines of course. And I couldnt just find ginger tea, but I found Black Tea that has ginger root in it, so hopefully thats ok.