Morning sickness?

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Morning sickness?

I thought I had been lucky and bypassed m/s this pregnancy. About 3 days ago I went home early from work thinking I had a touch of a stomach bug. I pretty much slept all day. But every day since then, I have had periods of nausea at some point during the day. What gives?! Anyone else having sickness this late in the game?

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I have sickness (actually though most of this preg) when i'm rushing esp in the morning before I've eaten

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I have been very nauseous but it is more mucus then anything else...

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I have the same thing with the mucous, it makes me really nauseous in the mornings, but I've had that the entire pregnancy. I have heard that morning sickness can sometimes come back in the third trimester.

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Mine has come back in the last few weeks. Mostly early in the morning and definately mucous. It sucks!

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Mine has come back off and on. I actually have it pretty bad tonight ha. It sucks a lot and I wish it would go away, but I've heard some women have it their whole pregnancy! Luckily I've gotten breaks from it off and on, but I'd say I've had it the majority of the pregnancy.

Sorry you're having it now. I hope it subsides for you soon!

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Oh no, I'm so sorry about the m/s, bummer. Don't even tell me that could still happen. I feel like I won the lotto this time around with no m/s, knock on wood.

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sounds miserable! I had it with my other pregnancies, but I am happy to report only one time that I've vomited this pregnancy... and otherwise mild m/s at the beginning. My flu at 38.5 weeks in my second pregnancy was awful too. Sad

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I heard that your body cleans itself out before we need one more symptom to obsess over!