Morning sickness advice

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Morning sickness advice

I've come to you from May because I figured you all would be a little more experienced when it comes to m/s. What are some tricks to calm it? I have to work tomorrow (on my feet all day) from 845-630. I'm not ready to tell work yet but I am completely useless. I keep throwing up and am just so tired and weak. I can't go to the DR yet because we are working out insurance issues. Any advice?

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Try Sea-Bands (motion sickness wrist bands, you can get them at your local drugstore)
Vitamin B6 and Unisom
Gingerale or Ginger Tea or anything else with real ginger
Preggie Pops (usually carried at your local maternity shops...We have a couple of Motherhood Maternity stores around here and they sell them)

Don't let yourself get hungry. Eat breakfast as soon as you get up and maybe even keep some crackers or dry cereal or something by your bed. Hope you find something that works for you! Mine hasn't kicked in yet but I am just waiting for it....I was SO sick with both my other 2! I have to get rx nausea meds mine is so bad. I hoping that by some miracle, it won't be that bad this time around!

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Yes, don't let yourself get hungry. I find that the less I eat and the more hungry I get, the more nauseus I feel. Saltines and 7up have helped me. I also cannot get enough fresh fruit in me. I hope this helps! Just remember to eat several smaller meals during the day and have snacks at work to munch on during downtime. Feel better!

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Yes! Keeping your tummy full helps....crackers first thing in am helps me and for some reason things with protein seems to help me eggs in the morning..cheese sticks throughout the day...and I just discovered that drinkin slimfast helps me...I don't replace meals....I just had a bunch left over from prepreggo soon as I clock out of work I chug one and i t helps me makeit through my afternoon errands and keeps me non nausiated as I cook dinner. Hope that helps!

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Ditto the other ladies. B6 worked wonders for me! You may have to play with the time of day that you take it. I ended up taking it with my prenatal at bedtime. And with DS I kept something simple next to my bed and ate a couple of bites before I even sat up.

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My trick was keeping a bag of almonds with me at all times. Snacking on them all through the day/night helped a little.

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The only thing that has seemed to help me some is ginger gum, you can get it next to where you get the sea bands.

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**lurker from march**

i have a soft spot for all my fellow-vomiters, because i cannot stop throwing up. i really hope you find some relief! i've tried several things, and nothing has helped too much, but something on the list might help you!

1. eat throughout the day, never get too full or too hungry
2. salty snacks
3. chewing gum or sucking on hard candy
4. ginger ale
5. sniffing a cloth soaked in peppermint oil
6. carnation instant breakfast first thing in the morning (something about the combo of protein and sugar works...this is the only breakfast i can keep down!)
7. chewing on ice or drinking a really ice-cold beverage