Movement question

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Movement question

Does everyone else feel baby moving everywhere?

This baby kicks me forward, on top left, top right, both my ovaries, and I even feel kicking or something towards my back and my girly bits. I don't remember ever feeling the girls move EVERYWHERE, it was always mostly on two sides... i keep picturing the baby doing jumping jacks or something LOL

Where do you feel your babies moving?

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I feel mostly at the top of the uterus, where I think the feet are (or at least the baby has been head down EVERY appointment, and movement is most aggressive there), and then the cervix is always under attack. The location tends to depend on what position I'm in too - like baby is trying to tell me that he's uncomfortable if I'm not sitting *just so* for him. Already Mr. Bossypants!

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Yes. I have a Chuck Norris wannabe on my hands. Just two nights ago I was kicked/hit on all 4 points of my tummy. Top left, bottom left, bottom right and top middle right. i was like.. wth!!

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This kid is everywhere! I have threatened to name him 'Wiggles'!

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I love this part of pregnancy because the baby can still move freely and so there are kicks and jabs everywhere! I'm right there with everyone else....getting kicked and punched all over the place. I only get upset when he attacks the ribs and hips! That hurts!

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Mine kicks everywhere and sometimes I swear I can feel him kick my back. He really enjoys kicking my hips though.

DH and I joke that he's doing handstand push ups and pull ups on my ribs to get strong lol. This little guy is so active! I don't remember either of my others being this active at least not this "early". I know DD1 didn't move this much but I remember with both girls watching their limbs move in my stomach lol.

DH thinks it's funny when he can see my whole stomach bounce around because LO is having a party in there! Ha ha.

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All over here as well. But, it's not too painful yet, so it's mostly reassuring and entertaining. It's definitely very distracting at work. I feel this LO is more stretched out than DD was, because I feel the kicks and pokes in places further away. I swear, I almost thought he has going into my leg the other day, lol.

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LOL We're giving birth to a bunch of gymnasts! I'm glad it sounds normal, I was starting to wonder if it should worry me or something, must mantra "all pregnancies are different" lol

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My LO is a machine too!! She rolls around my entire stomach like shes doing the worm. If I'm not sitting the way she likes, all stretched out, then she kicks my bladder. And when she's happy, she still kicks, but up high, the kind that you can see if theres something sitting on my stomach. Luckily she hasnt been up in my ribs but once I think and no kicking of the ribs or back, yet!

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This one likes to kick up high or down low. Not really the sides so much. I swear it feels like a full out stretch in both directions sometimes though. Ouch.

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This one feels so different from my first... This one feels like he or she is doing rolls... I do get little jabs or punches, but more I get almost a rubbing feeling. Hard to explain, and always down low in the front below my bellybutton. Don't feel much up high at all and definitely not on my back.. Any movement is still reassuring at this point!


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everywhere but the least frequent on the left side...usually top, right, bottom

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Yep, this baby is all over the place. I feel most movement on top and bottom, but there were a few days he must have been lying sideways! I love feeling him roll from side to side. Smile

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Baby is still transverse everytime i go on but i dont think she is always that way. I could see he kick up towards my boobs and then about a 15 min latter i was getting kicked in my girly parts!! They are movin ladies letting us know to be prepared!!!