Mucusy Discharge Q

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Mucusy Discharge Q

Ugh I wrote this earlier and then my internet went out. I was hoping it had posted though. Gah.

Okay so I guess I'll repost it. Anyway so earlier I went to the bathroom and discovered in my panties a huge snot ball looking thing. It had chunky stuff in it as well. Is this normal?

Now I've had a lot of discharge throughout my pregnancy but nothing as much as that. I also have no idea what a mucus plug looks like or if it can be lost this early. With my other two I don't remember losing it ha ha.

Oh the joys of pregnancy!

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yes mucus plug is snot like, not sure when you can start to lose though. Do you have an appt coming up you can mention it (or call)?

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I don't have an appt until the 2nd week in Jan. And I'm 1500 miles away from my OB lol.

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You can lose your mucus plug at any point during pregnancy and it will just regrow. To my understanding, this isn't generally a concern, but you do want to mention it to your OB just in case.

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I would probably only be nervous about it if you started having labor pains or any other big changes. I know you're not supposed to take a bath in labor after losing your plug, so maybe no baths until you can mention it to your doc? I know that I off/on have a larger amount of the mucus with various textures- then sometimes nothing for days.

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The mucus plug is constantly replenishing and growing. Also, your general mucus production is much higher during pregnancy. I experience what you are experiencing a lot. It never hurts to mention it to the OB or MW but it sounds really normal to me. Also, if you get a cold or anything close expect to see more of that too LOL I also see more of that a few days after sex.

When I lost my actual plug during labor with both my girls I was shocked to see the amounts, it's really A LOT and usually tinged with blood - not just a little bitty piece/glob. It's globs and globs lol Also, some women I hear lose their plug slowly throughout the last trimester and that is totally fine too. Again, no blood, cramping, or labor signs is usually a good thing.

I also got concerned a few months ago when it happened to me in early pregnancy and remember calling and I'm pretty sure I posted here too!!!

Just now I was actually looking up hardening of the stomach because I have a lot of BH already and my abdomen is totally sore but apparently that is also normal. I still plan to call the MW and ask her tomorrow, just cause I'm a total freak. I just don't remember any of this happening so early with my previous two. The baby has also been hiccuping a lot this past week and I didn't even know the baby could hiccup this early either!!!! But, baby is very active, so I always take that as a good sign and it puts my mind at ease.

Hope you don't have much more of the icky stuff. I hate it too!

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Oh yes, when that plug comes out during labor there is more mucus of various colors than you'd imagine. And like the others said, you can loose it any time during pregnancy and it regrows. I had little regular colored globs like you mentioned during my last pregnancy.

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Thanks ladies! This makes me feel so much better. LO has been real active lately and this morning and yesterday I had some pains but my joints have been hurting a lot off and on as well so I'm guessing it's all pregnancy pains lol.

Can't wait to meet this little guy!