My 15 Week Checkup

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My 15 Week Checkup

I had my appt yesterday. It wasn't as great as I thought it'd be. Don't worry, the baby is healthy, great heartbeat. It's just all they did was weigh me (gained 10 pounds in 10 weeks! not bad!) But the doctor came in and listened to the heartbeat for about 30 seconds. I barely got to hear it Sad Plus my husband was suppose to have been able to get off work for the appt to go with me, but since there's another married guy who's wife is pregnant (she's due in Dec) who goes with his wife to every appt, and just takes the whole day off (and you're suppose to come back after the appt) so mine wasn't allowed off.

Well the dr didn't even measure my uterus (which I thought they did this time). The good news was he told me I could go down and schedule me appt for my big u/s!!! So I went down there and they were just waiting for the computer work to go through saying yes to schedule it. So I went to the pharmacy to get Tylonal since there was almost no one waiting in the waiting room. After waiting 20 minutes I walked back to the radiology window (next door) to make my big u/s appt. Turns out since I have to get it at 21 weeks (in 6 weeks) their calender wouldn't let them make the appt because it's too far out. Gah! So they said they'd call me and I went back to the pharmacy and ended up waiting another hour and ten minutes (1 1/2 hours in all!!!) just for Tylonal. (sigh) I was irritated ha ha. I was irritated because since it's on a military base, anyone in uniform gets served before civilians. And for some unknown reason they didn't call anyone's number for 20 minutes which is why it got so backed up. Gah!

Next week I should get a call (but impatient me will probably call them ha ha) to make an appt for my big u/s. But hey, at least I finally was able to find regular Tylonal so my headaches can stop!

However, I'm happy that everything with baby checked out good!

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I'm so sorry you had to wait so long and that the appt. was pretty uneventful. Glad to hear LO is doing good though. Yay for getting close to making the appt. for your big u/s!

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Beee Sorry it sounds like it was a bunch of miserable military hoops. Sometimes, I don't miss those things, ESPECIALLY having to wait for guys in uniform to pick up prescriptions.. Hopefully this is the most drama you have to go through!

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I'm glad the baby is healthy and doing well. That sucks that you had so many irritants to deal with though, and especially since things are more irritating when your pg anyway.

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"AnnaRO" wrote:

especially since things are more irritating when your pg anyway.

Ha ha, yes they are. It seems like this time around I'm even more irritable than the past times!

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Glad the LO is healthy and lookin' good. WTH is up with your husband's co-worker? Why does he get all the time off for appointments???? I hope you husband can make it to the big U/S.

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Sorry you had such a long wait, but I'm glad everything is okay with baby! I hope your husband can make it to your big U/S as well!

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"cuppycake77" wrote:

WTH is up with your husband's co-worker? Why does he get all the time off for appointments???? I hope you husband can make it to the big U/S.

We're military so they have to get approval to get time off. Well his wife was somehow always having appts to go to and he was always asking and getting approved time off just for the appt. Well the SGT in charge finally got sick of being taken advantage of, so when it came time for our appt he said no (even though he would've been done by 9:00 AM and left work at 8:00 AM). So now they've changed it to where if it's not a real important appt then they won't get the time off. Oh and this all happened last week when the guy AGAIN got out of an entire day of work because his wife had an appt on Monday and the guy just never showed up to work. The reason my husband isn't pushing real hard is because in a few months he's up for a promotion and doesn't want any strikes against him.

They said (as of now that is) that he will get the time off when we have our big u/s. So hopefully they keep their word on that.

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Glad to hear everything was okay, but sorry you had to wait that long for tylenol. I don't have the kind of patience and probably would have just stopped at the store on the way home lol

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SOrry that you had to jump through hoops...but glad to hear the babe is doing well.

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Glad baby and everything is ok. Sorry you are dealing with sucky military providers!