My appointment today..

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My appointment today..

My BP was awesome, babys heartbeat was great... but I have now learned why the MASSIVE constant headaches and the persistent exhaustion - I am anemic. This is the first time in my life I have had low iron counts, but my mom and sister both have inherited anemia, so I guess it's my turn. Good news: if I take iron, it should help both the exhaustion and headaches! YAY! Now just another 4 weeks before the big ultrasound! Will be scheduling that soon Smile

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I'm glad you had an overall great appointment. And how exciting to have a timeline for the BIG one!! Biggrin

Headaches and exhaustion are my main symptoms right now. Hmmm. I hope your headaches and fatigue go away soon with the iron supplements.

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Glad you had a great appt today! I am also having bad headaches and am still super tired (as in I could literally sleep all day, tired). I hope they check my iron at my next appt but then again I kinda hope I am not anemic b/c I am already constipated enough!!

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Sorry about the anemia at least you know why things aren't exactly right and hopefully the extra iron will help that soon! Glad everything else looked good though.

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Glad you had a mostly good appt. And so exciting that the big U/S will be scheduled soon! I think with my first pregnancy they said my iron was low and I took the supplements for most of the pregnancy. I'm hoping I don't have that this time around. I've had crazy headaches so often it sucks.

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So glad you found the culprit and very glad that it is something so manageable. I am borderline anemic but only if I don't eat enough iron containing foods and have to supplement on occasion (which works like a charm!). Overall sounds like a great appointment!