My Bladder is NOT a Squeeze Toy!!!

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My Bladder is NOT a Squeeze Toy!!!

Gah! I swear every time at night when I finally get nice and comfortable all snug in my bed, he starts kicking and pushing all over and has to kick/hit really hard on my bladder! I swear I almost peed my pants last night when he did it!!! That would've been real embarrassing since DH was snuggled up close to me.

He doesn't do it as much during the day, but at night, forget it!

Anyone else's LO enjoy doing this?

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I actually get concerned because this little boy is not moving nearly as much as his sister did. It's still just light kicks and flutters low in my belly. By this time with DD you could see and feel her kicking on the outside. She was mean, but this little guy moves infrequently and when he does it's light.

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I hear ya! Sometimes if feels like he/she gets a running start and jumps on it as if it were a bean bag! LOL

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Yes! My baby is doing this too. I think it's so funny - but I doubt I will for the next 4 months!

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Yes, River Dance on the bladder here too!

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Until the last week or two, ALL I was feeling was bladder punching bag, albeit light. Around 1AM Thanksgiving morning, the baby decided to actually push back, kick to the outside, and still kick on my bladder but even harder. Fun stuff! I am definitely noticing a massive increase in restroom trips.