My C/S date is set!!!

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My C/S date is set!!!

I had my weekly appt on yesterday! It wasnt with my normal ob but thats ok she was just as nice, i did tho ask when they usually schedule c/s since im having a repeat. She was surprised they hadnt done so yet. I dont know why but they have it down that im due April 29th. When ive always been told the 27th and since the 21st is a sat and they dont do them on sundays that i will have to wait till the 23rd. They only do them at 39 weeks not before. Which is fine but seems so far away at this point. Im kinda hoping that i go into labor before then haha! ITs just nice to have a final date. She did say they are not going to be to worried about size since i wont be delivering vaginally. She mentioned the size of the whole and i laughed!:rolleyes:

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Yay for having an end date! It's always nice to know when you'll be done, I think.

And that's good you had a great appt!

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yay for a date!! it will be here before you know it!

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Beee sounds frustrating about all of their office confusion! Glad all the ducks are lining up in a row for you, now! Smile

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Exciting! Baby day will be here before you know it!

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Exciting to have a date!!

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Nice for a date but sorry about the office confusion though

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Thanks ladies, i honestly hope i dont make it till then Blum 3 I think the office confusion has to do with the my old OB as well tho. Its just two days off so no biggy i suppose lol