My Craftiness!

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My Craftiness!

Since DH was in the field for a few days last week I made stockings for all of us (and because we didn't have any.) So I'm going to post pictures of what I made!





Also I am going to include a story...I had only finished some of the stockings and decided to show DD1. She really liked them and then she pointed to part of DD2's and asked me "Those are dingle berries right?" and I paused and asked her "What?" and she pointed again so I looked and I held back my laughter...I then told her "No, those are HOLLY berries!!!"
Ha ha!

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I love them!! They are awesome! Great job.

I love craftiness. I LOVE to sew and do crafty stuff and I'm constantly on Pinterest looking for new ideas on what I can do. I am currently in the process of setting up the nursery and I'll be making curtains and wall art and the whole thing!!

And LOL at the dingle berries!! So cute!

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those are really cute!!

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dingleberries - that is priceless! I am also thoroughly impressed that you kept the white part clean, with that glitter. I couldn't have done that myself!

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OoooOOo I LOVE THEM!!! Great work!