My facebook announcement

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My facebook announcement

My Facebook Announcement

What do you think? LOL

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bahahaha thats great

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haha!! that's awesome Biggrin

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Announced on FB on Tuesday night. What a great response we have received!

I really wish my work computer wasn't so darn awful, many posts have blank attached images. I will look at your FB post when I get home

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That's cute!!

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That is cute ! Congrats again !

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That was so creative! Awesome!!!

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Ha I love the before and after pics! That is very awesome. How'd everyone react?

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Haha that's awesome!! I was down about 25 lbs when I found out I was pregnant with DS. This time, I still hadn't lost any of my previous pregnancy weight lol!!

Very cute way of telling Biggrin

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Haha Thank you guy's, I figured boasting about my weight loss would be a great way to get people to actually look at it. So far the reactions have been great.

My kids reacted SO WELL, I was especially surprised by my little one. They have been trying to help me since yesterday non stop. This morning they sat quietly next to me, they are being so good -- haha wonder how long that will last!

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Very cute!!!

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love it haha

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that is great!!!!