My Feet and Ankles!!!

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My Feet and Ankles!!!

I can't get over how puffy my feet and ankles are! They look like memory foam if I touch them. I bought compression socks, but I didn't get the firmest ones and now I am regretting it. I know I need to be a little more moderate in my salt intake (great thing to recommend to a woman who wants fritos 24/7), but this is just CRAZY. I have been reading up on remedies but haven't found much that I didn't already guess/know on my own. Just thought I would see if any of you ladies have had success in reducing swelling. I still have 2 more weeks of work, so I can't elevate them as much as I would like.

Thanks all!

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Unfortunately unless you are able to lay around with your feet up there really isn't a remedy. I don't work and stay at home with my feet up as much as possible and I am very swollen too! So that doesn't always help. How is your Blood Pressure?

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Like you were saying, reducing sodium intake and keeping off your feet are the top things my docs have always recommended, and what's always worked for me. It's funny, since they want me to stay active so I don't gain too much weight. *This is me being very confused* It might seem opposite of what makes sense, but drinking plenty of water helps flush the system too.

Oh- yes, I will admit I am EXTREMELY spoiled, but my husband massages my feet with oil almost every night (I didn't have the luxury with the first 2 babies), and my swelling is SO MUCH better with that...

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I guess I'm lucky because I have swelled up. But I know that it's suggested to try and stay off your feet as much as possible.

Sorry I'm not much help!

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"AleyFamily08" wrote:

How is your Blood Pressure?

My blood pressure has been totally normal at every appt. I think DH needs to get those massage hands a-movin'

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"cuppycake77" wrote:

My blood pressure has been totally normal at every appt. I think DH needs to get those massage hands a-movin'

That is good. Sometimes BP can cause more swelling then normal.

Yep that and treat your self to a pedicure Smile

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Omg yes, a pedicure!! I got one a couple of weeks ago. Be careful with how hot the water gets, because mine was pretty hot, but I thought I could handle it and then I almost passed out! I guess I got overheated.. Anyway though, that pedicure was the best thing ever!!

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Bummer about the swelling. I've never had issues with it until this pregnancy but I notice it happens a little in the evenings when I'm on my feet too much and haven't had enough water. I agree its hard to stay off your feet when you are working but that would be my only advice.

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I had huge problems with swelling last time. My blood pressure climbed steadily the entire last two months.

This time it's much better (one thing going right in my life! haha!). I'm taking lots of extra calcium and vitamin D supplements this time, which I read help avoid water retention, among other things. My blood pressure stayed rock solid low the entire 8th month. I haven't changed my normal diet at all. It does mean I'm peeing a lot more. (Getting up an average of three times a night to pee is "training" for midnight feedings. :wink:)