My first US and appointment!

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My first US and appointment!

I'm back from my ultrasound and appointment. Boy was I nervous! I had to go all by myself today and I hate getting ultrasounds because I seem to only get bad news when I get them. I got to see a tiny little gestational sac measuring around 4 weeks. I hope things continue to grow. My next u/s is in 2 weeks so hopefully I'll get to see a little heartbeat. Though, I probably won't really relax until 1st trimester is over. I've seen heartbeats with both of my previous pregnancies and well...we know how those turned out. BUT! Today is a good day so I'm going to focus on that and take it one day at a time. Biggrin

My progesterone was 19.1 on Wednesday and my OB said it was borderline. She likes to see it over 20 and she thought that it probably has gone up since then but she has me on progesterone supplements just in case! Biggrin I need all the help I can get!

ETA: I wanted to add that my OB got a kick out of me bringing a copy of my chart! She loved it! She kept the copy and said a lot of women find it hard to chart. I guess she hasn't met all the ladies! lol

Here is a little pic....not a whole lot to see! lol

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Wonderful update!!! Yay!!!!

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Hi little cute sacy-poo!!!!

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Yahoo So happy for you!!!!

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Glad you had a good appointment.

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Oh Jina, I love this post! Yay for a great appointment! Yahoo

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So happy your appt went so well! Smile

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Awww! What a cute pic! Congrats on the good appt, and your dr seems to be very proactive about the progesterone.

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Thanks ladies! Biggrin

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Somehow I missed this when you originally posted it, but just wanted to say I am so happy for you! Biggrin

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Yay Jina!! I am so happy that your appointment went well. Can't wait to watch your baby grow.

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How awesome you got to see your little bean already!

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Yay for a good appt! Love the pic!

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Aww Jina. I just saw this (yes, I was stalking you :p) and I am so happy that you had a good appointment. I can't wait to read all of your happy updates as your baby grows. Smile

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Awww Alissa, thank you! :bigarmhug: It means a lot to me to have you stalk me! lol.. Wink

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Glad your appt went well! Congrats! Sending Sticky Thoughts your way!!