My growing girl and pictures! (pic heavy)

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My growing girl and pictures! (pic heavy)

Cammi had her two month appointment last Tuesday and got her first six shots!! Well actually five shots and one oral medicine vaccination. Luckily, DH took her so I didnt have to see her get her shots! As of Tuesday she was 9 lbs 10 oz and 22 1/2 inches long!

We've had a busy morning, she rolled over from her stomach to back for the first time! She has also learned how to scoot herself on her stomach with her legs! She'll be crawling before I know it! Eek!

Oh yeah, and she is starting to find her hands! Sucking on her fists, grabbing her pacifier (although she has no idea what to do with it lol) and grabbing onto her new soother, a soft bunny rattle.

Here are some pictures:

In the process of rolling over




Working on scooting!


Looking pretty!


Her favorite part of bath time, being wrapped up!


Getting silly kisses from her bunny rattle!


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She's darling!!

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So cute! It cracks me up that, at 2 months, she weighs as much as Archer did at birth. I forget that he was so big!

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She's adorable! I can't believe she's rolling over!

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She's so cute!

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aww she's so cute