My kid is so weird!

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My kid is so weird!

Kole refuses to nurse on my left breast. I mean will NOT latch and throws a complete fit. I know that my boobs are different and the right one has always been his favorite but this is ridiculous! My lefty is far more leaky than the right one so I'm guessing that is a factor. . . I don't know what to do about it though.

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Desmond is like that. He will almost always only nurse on my right side so I am lopsided...badly lol. My right is at least a cup size bigger than my left. I did get him to take my left side when I had pumped just a little so I guess the nipple was more appealing to him? Lol I dunno. But I'm trying my best to even myself out! Hope he starts latching on that side again for you!

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what about in football position? fake him out that it's righty? haha

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"LJB07" wrote:

what about in football position? fake him out that it's righty? haha

That's what I've been doing. It works about 1 out of every 3 times for a little bit. I know my boobs behave differently but this bias is a bit ridiculous. I hope he gets over it soon.

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I have never had that, but I hope he gets over it soon as well.

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I was completely lopsided with my older daughter but for a completely different reason.... She would eat for a while and completely empty out one boob, but wouldn't start nursing again if I tried to switch sides. It was convenient though because I could totally tell which side she had nursed from last!! Heidi is so different... she just grabs a quick snack.. maybe 5 minutes.. then is off and running. I keep thinking that I am going to end up lopsided, because I can never remember which side I nursed her from last, and I know that I am more comfortable holding her in my left arm. The quick snacks means that I am always leaking!!!!!!! Can't wait for that to end!


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I started lopsided before I had kids. One side is a cup size bigger than the other. My larger boob has always produced almost double the smaller boob, though both kids spend/spent equal time on each.

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Sad That is frustrating! Hopefully the little stinker realizes lunch comes from both taps! I've always had a chocolate side and a vanilla side (more on the chocolate side) haha! ...but my babies still want to nurse from both sides. Is there any chance he's having inner ear issues & maybe just doesn't like laying on that one side?