My new weight loss program?!?

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My new weight loss program?!?

So today Heidi has come up with a new feeding schedule... She eats, eats again, and then pukes sometimes twice or three times. Then she eats again and finally falls asleep. Sooo exhausted and hungry after doing this all day.... not sure what's going on, but hope it stops soon... although I am getting a very clean floor!


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oh dear... we've had days like that as well!! hope it sorts itself out soon!

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We had a day like that not too long ago (or wait...was it a few weeks ago? lol time is flying!) Des would eat and then just projectile vomit all over. He did it a few times, which I'm sure didn't feel good. His bouncer got the worst of it lol. It actually pooled in it after I got him out to change him.

Yesterday he went through FIVE outfits (4 within just over 4 hours)!!! Lol he spit up in one, peed through another and pooped all over both of us and the couch and floor. Lol. I think I'd rather have spit up lol!

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No fun. Archer has done that a few times too.

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Carter use to do that all the time and finally when he was 8 months old they said he had acid reflux issues and put him on a medication. I hope it gets better. As of right now Peyton has yet to spit up.

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We've just started with the spit-up as well. Beee My girls almost *never* spit up.. maybe once or twice, outside of a stomach bug. It almost makes me sad, when all that milk went to waste! ...although I know it's not as much as it appears..