My "problem"...

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My "problem"...

Houston, we have a problem.

So, the good news is that I have 70+ ounces of milk in the freezer, and still have 4 weeks or so until I go back to work.

The bad news is that I have 70+ ounces of milk in the freezer, and still have 4 weeks or so until I go back to work.

This morning I pumped SEVEN ounces of milk. Lucas had slept a 6.5 hour stretch, followed by a 3 hour stretch, and the girls were not pleased about it. (I was though!) I keep the milk in an organizing container thing that freezes the bags flat. It's now full. I don't have a standalone freezer, just the one with the fridge. It's not that big. We eat a lot of frozen food, so there's not a lot of room for milk. Eek! What to do? Buy another container and buy less frozen food? Try to stop pumping?

I call this a "problem", but it's a problem I'm actually quite pleased to have. With DS1 I struggled to keep up with him, and ended up on Domperidone for quite a while to be able to EBF him. I'm hoping to be able to keep up on my own with Lucas. (Going back to work and relying on a pump to keep your supply up really sucks.)

Anyway, what would you do?

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Ha that's how my freezer was and still is! I ended up having to stop pumping because we weren't using the frozen milk fast enough, esp with me pumping about 12-14 oz every time I woke up and went to sleep. So instead, I just BF and don't pump anymore and when DH was we were slowly using a bag a day so I could fit more food in the freezer. Lol there was literally almost all milk in there. But that did make my supply even out now and I will only pump about 2 oz now and I don't leak as much. But I do know Desmond is getting all he needs because he can still nurse for a while and get full and I'll still have milk left in my boob Smile

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You could get a 1/2 chest freezer for the garage. I got one cheap at home depot many years ago. It was like $150 or less and discounted even more because of a few scratches. BM stores for up to a year in there. We use it for so many thing even when not storing milk.

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After I froze my milk flat, I put it in shoe boxes in the freezer. The shoe boxes also helped to use the oldest milk first (New milk was frozen flat and then put in the back of the shoe box. The boxes also stacked in the freezer.

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well if you have the space I find stand alone freezers handy, you don't have to get a big one but for us anyway it helps when we buy meat on sale and since the cost of our bread is going up I often buy lots during sales too. There's no way we could live with just our fridge freezer and we don't really eat frozen foods

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Ooh Janel- That idea might work. Seems like that would definitely fit more milk than this giant plastic organizer thing does.

I'd LOVE to get a chest freezer, but we don't have a garage OR a basement and we're only working with 1100 square feet for 4 people, so that's not happening. Sad