Names - What do you think?

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Names - What do you think?

We have had no luck agreeing on names so far... Luckily we have a long time still to figure this out. But here is what I'm thinking so any input would be great!

Our daughter is Jessie Isabelle - named after both our great grandma's who were Jessie and my grandma who passed away not long before she was born Isobel (Also as a bonus, her initals are JIMS which is funny since my partner's name is James but is often called Jim!)

Soo.. For the next one if it is a girl, my current thoughts are

Tillie Rose - With Rose being my partner's mum's name
Shelby Rose

For a boy

Toby James - which could then be TJ if it suited better...

I am not attached to these names yet so if you don't like them tell me!!! Names are so tricky!! I wanted to do another family name but really don't think Cornelius, etc is going to work in this day and age, but I do like old school names...


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I like Shelby Rose Smile

Tillie Rose reminds me of Tequilla Rose which is very yummy tho!

I like your boys name!

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I love the name Toby!! It has personal meaning to me and I absolutely love it! As for a girl, I like Tillie, but now that someone mentioned it Tillie Rose does sound like the drink. On that note, I did have an Alize in a class I taught in college and I loved her name...for her. All are good names!

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I really like the name Tillie I have never heard of it before. I also like Shelby.

Toby James is cute too. I love the name Toby but couldn't get my hubby on board with it.

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I love the name Rose. And I like how Tillie Rose sounds together.

And I like the name Toby for a boy. TJ is a good nick name (ha my DH could go by it if he wanted).

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I like all those names, and prefer Tillie over Shelby personally. Also, I have a cousin named Cornelius (family name) - he's called Cory.

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Cory is better than what I was thinking... don't think many kids would want to be Corny!!


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"jhj" wrote:

Cory is better than what I was thinking... don't think many kids would want to be Corny!!


I have one uncle and 3 cousins named Cornelius. They are called Corny. I don't personally like the name very much. There are a lot of names like that in my family though. I grew up Old Colony Mennonite, so there are lots of names like Cornelius, Gerhardt, Abraham, Peter, Hans, Johan, Franz. . . And girls named Agatha, Susanna, Helena, Margaret (my sister), and Aganetha (my other sister). I'm not interested in using family names for my kids!

I like the names you have listed. Tillie Rose is very pretty and I didn't know there was a drink called Tequila rose, but then I don't much at all about alcoholic drinks. I like Shelby too.

I like Toby, but we had a dog named that once.

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Individually, I like all the names a lot, even their combinations. Also, my middle name is Rose Smile

On the other hand, my snobby picky name issues come out, and if your last name starts with an "S", I am not the biggest fan of the middle name ending with the S sound, just for the sake of the names blending together. Of course, if it's a family name, I overlook my weirdness. Smile