Nausea has struck again

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Nausea has struck again

Gah, I thought my nausea would be gone this late in the pregnancy. Except for the past week or so it has struck full force again where I almost throw up but not quite. It gets better right after I eat, but then it comes back real bad and I fear throwing up. Ugh.

I've been back to drinking Ginger Ale again and eating breads etc. It sucks and I'm hoping it'll go away again soon!

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boo hiss!!! I really hope it does go away! The nausea/vomiting at the end can be just as brutal.

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you poor're not alone, if it makes you feel any better. I actually threw up today Sad
I hope you feel better soon!

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OH no, not fair. I've heard it can come back at the end. Hope it doesnt stick around.

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That sucks, mine is back but not nearly as bad. Which makes me think it is a boy because with DD it never left and got even worse during 3rd trimester.

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Oh gosh, morning sickness is bad enough in the beginning! I'm sorry you are having to go through it again. I've had a couple mornings where I felt a little nauseous lately but nothing major. I hope it goes away quickly for you!!

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That's not good at all!!! I hope it's a quick passing thing Sad

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I spoke too soon, I said it wasn't as bad as at the beginning yesterday in someone else's post. Now I'm almost puking every five minutes (you know, when it just keeps coming up but not actually making me vomit all the way) this is SOOOOOOOO Gross!

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Lol that happens to me. It seems like whenever I say outloud "Hasn't happened to me yet." or "Glad it's not me!" then it happens to me. Karma...

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I am back in the same boat as you. It is almost as bad as it was in the beginning of my pregnancy except that it isn't every hour, but it is frequently throughout the day Sad I thought I was all done with the nausea and vomiting.