need to vent

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need to vent

I need to talk to others who'll understand.

So twice this week (a couple of days ago at night and this morning) I wiped and had saw brown mucus. I know I know brown is not a bad sign, it's not red but it still doesn't make me happy. I tell dh and he freaks and I tell him that it's not red so it should be fine and he tells me not to freak him out (ya lets not freak the man out haha). This pg I haven't had any red/brown blood (and after having a previous m/c I check everytime haha)

Anyway I'm not stressed (ok maybe a tiny but I know it's just me being a worry wort). I'm sure I've felt baby movements although nothing that's 100% kicks and of course nothing much today. I just wish s/he would make me feel better and give me some for sure kicks.

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When I was 17 weeks with DD, I had some light bleeding. We went to the ER and were told I had a 50% chance of losing the baby. A week and half later, my OB told me that it was a small subchorionic bleed and everything was fine. Even though it turned out fine, when I got to 17 weeks this time I was really nervous. And I also check every time because I'm paranoid like that.

I'm sure it's fine, since the brown is perfectly normal. However, the nervousness isn't going to stop just because you tell yourself it's okay. Hopefully you will get some really strong movements soon to help reassure you that it's okay, but I don't blame you one bit for keeping an eye on it.

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Brown blood is old blood, so try and relax the best you can. If it gets to be red blood, call your doc. asap. But other than that, deep breaths, it should be okay, but defintely mention it on your next visit.

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I'm sorry that's happening! I check every time I wipe too because of my previous m/c and because I have a lot of discharge so when I feel something wet I freak thinking maybe it's a gush of blood.

However, brown blood is old blood. Did you have sex around those times? Because I know sometimes when DH and I have sex I bleed just a little bit afterwards.

Don't worry, I'm sure everything is okay. If it continues it can't hurt to call your OB just to ask, esp if it'll help set your mind at ease.

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I'm so sorry. Hope LO give you loads of movement soon to put your mind at ease.

I totally check everytime I wipe too even though I've never had issues. Its so hard to have faith that everything is ok when you have so little control over things and can't see what is going on in there all the time. Hugs.

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