Nervous about big U/S

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Nervous about big U/S

Tomorrow is the big day and I do not have a real reason to be nervous but I still am. We have been so blessed with 2 healthy children, but I just can not help but be a bit nervous to find out more about this one. I know God is in control and I am so not but I am having trouble giving my worry to Him. Hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly!!

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I'm a little nervous as well, and I also go in for my big U/S tomorrow morning. I think I'm mainly nervous because I don't feel movement a lot, and every single appt they spend 5 minutes searching for my baby's heartbeat (and they always find it fine).

I'm predicting a girl based on dreams, and it being a completely different pregnancy than my son. However; if it's a boy we already have a name picked out and all the clothes already. Smile

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I think it's normal to feel a little or a lot nervous. My big u/s is next week and I'm worried something is going to be wrong (but then again I think because this pregnancy feels different than my others).

Try not to stress. You get to see your LO tomorrow! And that's exciting!

Hope you have a great appt!

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I think what you're feeling is so normal. One of my good friends is preggo w/#3, and she said EXACTLY what you just said leading up to her u/s. She felt like she'd been so blessed to have 2 perfectly healthy kids, so getting a 3rd one would almost be too much. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. Anyway, of course it turns out that baby 3 is totally healthy and fine. You are in good company with your nervous thoughts but I'm sure everything will be great!

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I'm nervous too! I think it's just normal. Our u/s isn't until Friday, but I'm on pins and needles.

We just need to have that extra reassurance. I'm telling you, God should have made the uterus and stomach a viewable feature during pregnancy.

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I agree, I think it is normal. I am completely nervous. I haven't been feeling movement everyday but I do feel it occasionally so on the days I don't feel movement, I get really scared and panicked. Our u/s isn't until Monday, so I am anxiously counting down the days until it gets there. I think I'm nervous because of how sick I have been and how different this pregnancy is compared to my first.

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Hope you are able to have a peacful evening tonight and get wonderul news about your healthy baby tomorrow.

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I'm nervous too. I have been with each pregnancy, but especially after my last (MC mentioned), where I didn't know til after 13 weeks that there was a problem. This one, I'm not feeling tons of movement either. I'm wondering if my placenta isn't in the front still, blocking movement.