Nesting...big time!!

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Nesting...big time!!

Hi ladies, sorry for not being around but I seriously don't know where the time goes, it seems like we were just getting ready for Christmas and here we are, almost in February. I've been nesting all month, redoing the boys room, the attic, trips to IKEA and building furniture, all that while trying to finish every thing business related. We spent all weekend building small storage units for the toys. The boys room is now ready, I went through all the clothes in the basement and sorted out boy-girl, now I just need to wash it and be able to fit in the drawers. The new car seat just got here this week, that was the only big thing that we needed to get for this baby (the old one we had broke).

I still have nausea, it's the longest I've ever had it and I'm starting to think I will have it till delivery day. Hopefully I'm wrong. Baby boy is kicking like crazy, I love that part. Last week my midwife showed me how to figure out his position in the belly, she showed me where the head was and I got to grab it, with one finger on each side. So weird, I was afraid to hurt the little one. He was sitting at the time. I've tried on my own but I can't tell what's the butt and what's the head, I'm completely clueless.

Anybody else nesting like crazy?

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I'm trying not to be annoying to my DH about nesting ha ha. Last night I started cleaning (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping) and DH took the broom to sweep for me and goes "Aw someone's nesting!" Lol. I've been holding back though because he's so stressed at work. Hopefully this weekend we can really begin redoing the house how we want it since DD2 is getting a big girl bed Sat and we'll have to rearrange her room.

If the dr told me how to find the head and everything, I seriously doubt I'd be able to figure it out lol. Plus I'd be a little afraid I'd somehow hurt him lol.

This pregnancy is flying by! Glad you're getting everything in order, that's always awesome to do!

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I am totally nesting...and I got DH on board too! We have gone through a lot of boxes (from when we moved last summer) and purged/donated a lot of stuff. I also went through DS clothes and am passing a lot on to a friend who is having a baby boy in February/march. We are also going to start getting storage stuff for toys and put the crib back together soon. It seems like our due dates are right around the corner!

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I never really experienced "nesting" - Obviously we're all on a schedule as to having to get things done but I don't feel I act any different than when I have other projects or needs to meet before a specific date or season.