Nevermind baby going bald... I think I am!!!

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Nevermind baby going bald... I think I am!!!

Wowzers.... I remember my hair falling out after my first baby... but this is ridiculous!! Every time I brush my hair, shower or frankly even touch my hair, handfuls fall out!! I know it is normal, but ready for it to stop.

Anyone else's hair falling out??


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YES! I swear every time after I shower I get handfuls that just fall out during the day! Poor Desmond will be covered in my hair! Although I am surprised that I haven't clogged the drain yet lol.

I don't remember this happening after my other two, but then again it was a while ago!

I can't wait for it to stop lol.

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Yep, I've started the hair shed, but I welcome it because I had so much hair!! Also, the hormones leveling out are making the cystic acne I'm blessed with during pregnancy go away.

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I am definately shedding, have been for a while. I got my haircut on Tuesday and my hairdresser was surprised how much fell out when she washed and cut it. But I have lots of hair, so it is not a big deal. But soon all the little baby hairs will start to grow around my forehead and that will be annoying and hard to keep flat.

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Oh yeah! I hate it! Hair all over the house! With DS it kept on for months! I'm hoping it's not quite as bad this time!