New Harper pics and birth story

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New Harper pics and birth story

Well, adjusting to motherhood has kept me away from the site for a while. I really want to catch up and see everyone's updates on their sprouts.

On April 5th at 1:45 Harper was delivered via cesarean. She was 7 lb 8 oz and 21 inches. The spinal didn't go as expected, so I had an epidural too. What fun Wink

The experience of hearing her cry for the first time is so indescribable. Of course I had heard that from so many, but now I get it. I am so in love with her.

My husband stayed in the hospital for 2 nights and I had one night on my own. I don't think I spelt a wink the first night. Every little sound she made I was up and staring at her.

We came home on Easter and have had a lot of family help especially from my mom. My friend Anna, who is a chef, made us a weeks worth of food.

OK, all I can write for now...I can't wait to read up!

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WOW, my birth "story" is quite short compared to others. I have to have more than 2 minutes of mommy time to fill in more details. First time mom, you know Smile

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She's so cute and I swear, the picture of her in her car seat, she has a little smile! Even when you have more kids, the first few days I'm sure it'll be the same with every little sound keeps you awake and that you just want to stare at the little person that you created. I know the first night Desmond was home, he got up for a feeding around 11 PM and then he was awake for a little and DH and I just couldn't stop staring at him and admiring him.

You're going to love motherhood!

And that's great that you have help because having a baby is an adjustment, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough. I hope you and your family is settling in well!

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thank you Katie. She does smile quite a bit and it just melts my heart.

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I looooooooooove that picture with the lace-looking fabric! What a little cutie! I've written part of an epic-length birth story myself (although, just how exciting is a scheduled c-section?) and just haven't gotten the time to get it finished either. Too much going on, with a beautiful little noise maker to steal away all a momma's attention!

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aww love the pics adorable
I remember not sleeping ds1 first night either, I think I just held him and stared all night long Biggrin
Enjoy it ....oh and ds is 4.5yrs and while I don't I could still watch him sleep for hours Smile

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She is just as cute as can be! Congrats momma! I couldn't sleep those first few nights with my first 2, so I completely understand that one.