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Hi ya'll just thought I would say hello! Due April 21st with our second child. Were hoping for a girl this time but would be just as happy with another boy. Hope everyone is doing well :wavehello:

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Welcome Smile We are expecting our second child together as well. Dh has 3 other boys not including my son lol So we are hoping 4th time around he gives me a girl!!!

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Helllooooooo!! I think I know you Wink And we share due dates Biggrin

I'm glad you joined!!!

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yup ya found me :wootjump:;)

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Congrats and welcome!

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Welcome and congrats!

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welcome! Smile

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Welcome and congrats!

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yay congrats and welcome, hope you get your girl Smile

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Welcome!! I hope you get your pink!!

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Congrats and welcome! This is my 2nd baby as well and we're hoping for a girl too since we already have a boy, but would be happy with a boy as well. Glad you're joining us!

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes ^_^

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Welcome to April!!!