New OB and Pics of Kinsley

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New OB and Pics of Kinsley

I must say im really Happy with this new OB!!! They are very professional and i didnt know that my other place never did an Anatomy Screen. He did one and she is measuring about 2lbs and 25weeks 3 days. He was also very determined to make sure she was a girl. The U/S room is awesome you get to see it on a big screen. They even offer you something to drink while you wait. Very very professional, they will do schedule me C/Section for around 39 weeks at my next Appt. Unless i go sooner. Did i say i like this place?? Only downfall is you have to go downstairs to the lab they dont do it in the office. Tho that was an in and out thing as well!!! YAY

Here are a few pics!!

Her brother and Dh constantly have there mouths like this when they are watching Tv Smile

looks like she is either blowing a kiss and smiling Wink

Before we started bugging her

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Aw I love the face pictures of her!

Glad you really like your OB! That sounds really nice that they even offer you a drink while waiting. And exciting that you know about the time you get to meet your princess! Can't believe how close we're all getting!!!

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Great pics! Sounds like an awesome OB office. I'm glad you are loving it there. Ahhh, its crazy that it will be close enough to get a c/s date already. TFS the pics!

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Great pics, and SO awesome that you're feeling comfortable with your new doc! That can be a major hurdle, especially having to find at this stage in pregnancy! Smile

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So glad that the new OB is working out! What a relief. Thanks for sharing the pictures Biggrin