A new Sprout! Kelly (Aleyfamily08) had her boy!!!

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A new Sprout! Kelly (Aleyfamily08) had her boy!!!

Peyton Lee was born all natural! He is 11 lbs!!!

I will update when I get more information!

Congrats Kelly! Can't wait to hear everything about his birth!!!

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Wow! Way to go Kelly and WTTW Peyton!

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Awesome!! Might be in the running for Biggest Sprout Biggrin

Congrats mama and WTTW LO!!

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Darn! You beat me! :goofy: :party:
Congrats on your boy!! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it!

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Wooooah, BABY! That's a big boy!! Congratulations Kelly!!!! Can't wait to hear the story! Smile

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Wow, what a big baby boy!! Smile Congrats!