newborn immunity..

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newborn immunity..

gaahh... I hope it's true what they say about placental and breastfeeding immunity!

DS came down with the chicken pox last weekend - poor guy is absolutely COVERED in them! (including one on his eyeball and several on his 'boy bits' Wink )

I had the pox as a child, and shingles a few years ago - so Ella 'should' be pretty safe I would think..

but now I seem to have come down with a flu or something - fever, aching, chills, dizziness... feel like cr@p - and now DH is feeling like this as well - and has just informed me that there is apparently a 'wave' of H1N1 going through Switzerland at the moment... don't know if that's what we have, but whatever it is, I hope the kids don't get it, especially the baby! Hoping the BFing will keep her from getting whatever I've got...

fingers crossed...


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Oh my! I'm so sorry; I hope everyone gets better fast!

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Oh man. I hope she stays healthy.

When my DS1 was 1 week old I got the stomach bug, and he stayed healthy, so it is possible!

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Wow, Karen! That is a lot to deal with! :grouphug: I sure hope you can keep that baby girl safe from all the sickness going around. That's especially sucky to have 2 different illnesses running through your house! KUP on how everyone is doing. Feel better soon!

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Wow that sucks! I really hope Ella doesn't get anything and that you don't really have H1N1 because that would suck too! I hope everyone feels good soon and I'm really hoping everyone gets well soon!

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hope your family gets better ASAP!!!