No sex drive

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No sex drive

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what did you do about it?

For our entire relationship, I've always had the higher sex drive. Until Kole was born. Even after DD was born, I still had a good sex drive, but now I find myself avoiding situations that might create an opportunity. I just have no desire at all. We're lucky to have sex once or twice a month. I want my sex drive back!

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Mine is the opposite...I'm the one bothering him a lot of time :/

Although during pregnancy with Des I had almost none. I would give in though and just have sex and most of the time I would end up enjoying it. If I didn't, at least my husband did ha ha.

I hated having no sex drive during pregnancy though. It drove me crazy that I just "didn't want it". Hope yours returns Smile

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I've been away for a while, so not sure how things are going at your house, hopefully better!! Just a thought, have you tried "faking" it until you feel more yourself?? After my daughter was born, I was not into it, but I watched a show about a couple who had sex everyday for a year, and even though they didn't always want to, they just did. They said that they felt closer and wanted sex more after the year than they had at the beginning. For me sometimes I didn't want to, but once we did it was great and over time I wanted to more.
Good luck getting back to yourself!